MORA COUNTY - New Mexico

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Mora County Marriages

Date of Marriage Details
18 Feb 1866 O'NEAL, Barny, of Huerfano County, Colo., and BEAUBIEN, Leonor, of Mora Co. N.M., by Vicente Romero, J.P.
25 Jan 1867 HOME, John/Geo. H., and MASH, Sarah June, by G. W. Gregg, J.P. of Precinct #11.
18 Sep 1867 GARCIA, Felis and MADRIL, Maria Barbauta, by G. W. Gregg, J.P. Precinct #11.
13 Oct 1867 DUTCHMAN, Charles, and GREINER, Catarina, by G.W. Gregg, J.P. of Precinct #11.
6 Nov 1867 HECK, Matias, and BLUM, Margaretha, by Vicente Romero, J.P. Witnesses: Pablo Valdez and --?--..[Note: History of New Mexico Pacific States Pub. Co., 1907, records Mathias HECK m. Margaret PLUM, 1867.]
16 Apr 1868-1870 SILVA, Jose and GARCIA, Maria Juan, by Bernabe Archuleta, J.P. Wits: James Geyas, Glario Gonsales.
25 Apr 1868 ROGERS, Moses J., and VALDEZ, Doña Virginia. Wits: J. Guerin, V. St. Vrain, W.D. Simpes?
13 Nov 1868 PLUMER, Henry and ROHMANN, Fredericka, by Vicente Romero, J.P. of Precinct #1. Both residents of Precinct #1. Wits: B. Severnstine, Wm. Gaudert (Gandert).
__ Jun 1869 TOWSON, James and NASERA, Pauline, also by the same, see statement on file.
11 Jun 1869 BREEDEN, Col. William, of Santa Fe, and BAKER, Grace, dau. of the late Henry Baker of Jamestown, N.Y. Married on the festival of St. Barnabal, Ft. Union, by John Woart, minister, Prot. E. [Protestant Episcopal - see *Note above] Church, and Post Chaplain USA.
14 Sep 1869 CHAVES, Jesus, and SALIZAR, Benina, married at Ft. Union by John Woart, USA
1 Mar 1870 CONWAY, John and VALDEZ, Maria de la Paz.
8 May 1870 SANCHEZ, Manuel and LUCERO, Maria Gertrudis, by J.P. of Precinct # 13.
14 May 1870 MARTIN, Francisco and MALDONADO, Maria Josefa, by J.P. of Precinct #12.
2 Jun 1870 TRUJILLO, Damacio and GALLEGOS, Maria Viviana, by Felipe Romero, J.P. Wits: Doris Belasques and Jose Antonio Romero.
1871 ARMSTRONG, W. W., and ALLISON, Miss Mary Ann, both of La Junta, by Thomas Harwood, Missionary of M. E. Church. Wit: Mrs. E. J. Harwood, Luisa Moore.
Jan 1871 VRITE (KITE?), Joseph, and ORTEGA, Maria Cerrcion, by J.P. of Precinct #14. Wits: Juan Romero, Antonio David Sintano(?)
5 Jan 1871 WELDENSTEIN, Mr. C., and WATROUS, Miss Belina, both of La Junta, by Thomas Harwood, Missionary of M. E. Church. Wit: Essen Tipton, Sallie Herns.
19 Jul 1871 RERITE, Juan and SALAZAR, Maria Petra, by J.P. of Precinct #13. Wits: Jesus Garcia, Maria Morale.
16 Oct 1871 JOHNSON, Thomas, and ARMIT, Fannie Miss. By Thomas Harwood, Minister of Methodist Episcopal Church. Wits: E. Tipton, Clallis (Sallie?) Hern.
17 Mar 1872 LOTHIAN, Thos., of Elizabethtown, and MYERS, Estilla, of New York City, married at La Junta by Thomas Harwood, Missionary of M. E. Ch.[Methodist Episcopal Church -- see *Note above.]
23 May 1872 PEREZ, Francisco and ALBAREZ, Jesusita.
26 Jul 1872 PEARSON, W. D., and HIDDEN, Laura C., both of Ft. Union. Ceremony in the house of Judge Hidden, Ft. Union, by Thomas Harwood, Missionary of M. E. Church. Wit: Col. A. J. Megannigold (? - faded ink), F. L. Holley
12 Aug 1872 PAIS, Jose and WOODS, Elisabeth.
29 Nov 1872 LIVINGSTON, Mr. L., and REYNOLDS, Miss Jennie, both of Elizabethtown, by Thomas Harwood, Missionary of M. E. Church. Wit: Bony Nettlehouse, Mrs. B. Nettlehouse.
15 Dec 1872 THOMAS, Daniel, and APODACA, Mrs. Petra, both of La Junta, by Thomas Harwood, Missionary of M. E. Church. Wit: Wm. Mitchell, Mrs. W. Mitchell.
12 Apr 1873 HUBERT, Joseph and WILLIAM, Miss Eliza, both of Ft. Union, by Thomas Harwood, Missionary of M. E. Church. Witn: Mrs. Nellis Walton, L. Happerg-(cannot decipher. Indexed as Hersbert, Joseph )
3 Jan 1874 ORTES, Nicholas, J. and MANSANARS, Maria Juana, by Dolores Romero J.P.
9 Aug 1874 DELANEY, Richard, and O'CONNER, Margaret, both of NYC. (Married at the Elizabeth's church in New York City. This is a copy of their marriage Certificate.)
23 Dec 1874 HOLBROOK, Joseph, and ARELLANES, Maris Josefa, by Cipriano Lava, J.P. of Precinct #14. Wits: Alber Tison, Harry Simpson.
21 Nov 1875 ROBERTS, Rev. James H., of La Junta, and BURCHMAL, Anna M., of Glen Rock, PA
21 Nov 1875 LUCERO, Blas J., and GALLEGOS, Francisquita, by Vicente St. Vrain, J.P. Wits: Vicente Romero, Josefa Valdez, Trinidad Lopez, R. Romero.
25 Nov 1875 HERN, Robert, and WILLIAMS, Isabel, both of Ocaté, by Rev. Thos. Harwood, Pastor M.E. Church. Wits: F.J. Anee, Lizzie Clay Anee (A-nee?)
28 Feb 1876 SHINES, Miguel Santo, and GALLEGO, Isaria, both of Gallina, by Rev. Thos. Harwood, Pastor, M. E. Church. Wits: ____ Flores and Isabel Flores.
15 Feb 1877 VIGIL, Jose Antonio, and VIGIL, Apolonia, both of La Gallina, Mora County.
23 Mar 1877 TRUJILLO, Seferino, and KAHN, Rayos, both of of Santa Gertrudes de Mora, Mora County.
27 Mar 1877 MEDINA, Juan Francisco, and ARAGON, Maria Pabla, married at Ocaté, Mora County.
10 Apr 1877 BUCK, Harrison, and CALHOUN, Sallie, both of Ocaté, Mora County.
23 Sep 1877 MARSHALL, Robert J., and TIPTON, Mary E., married in the Prot. Episc. Ch. near Fort Union.
21 Nov 1877 LEVZEY, Charles, and MARTIN, Lupez of Co. F, 15th Inf. USA; married at Fort Union.
25 Dec 1877 McBEAN, Edward, and BELHA, Lucinda, married at Ft. Union.
2 Aug 1878 HANSEN, Hans of Horsens, Denmark, and DREYER, Caroline, of Assens, Denmark.
20 Aug 1878 QUINTANA, Jose M. and ARCHULETA, Maria Matiana, both residing in Anton Chico, by Miguel Antonio Lucero, J.P. of Precinct #6.
12 May 1878 ARAGON, Casimo, and BACA, Maria Dominguita, by Anastacio Gonsales, J.P. Precinct # 12. Wits: Felipe Barreras, Juan Padia.
31 Dec 1878 TIPTON, D.W.R. (indexed as Tipton, W.R.), and DUNCAN, Lizzie, both of Tiptonville, Mora County.
1 Jan 1879 CARPENTER, Frank, and JOHNSON, Meteria, both of Cherry Valley, Mora County. Witnesses: S.B. Watrous, Fannie Kreonig.
15 Sep 1879 YAGER, Frank of Fort union, and GREGG, Soforina of La Junta, Mora County. Wit: Miss Fannie Kroenig, Luisa Tipton, Jas. Johnson, Leo Gregg.
27 Sep 1879 TRUJILLO, Juan, and ROMERO, Catalina, both of Cirhuelita (Ciruela) Precinct # 12, by Anastacio Gonsales, J.P. Wits: George Chavez, Jose Miguel Cardova.
29 Oct 1879 MARTIN, Jose, age 21 yrs., and SANTISTEVAN, Piedad, age 17 yrs, both of Tiptonville, Mora County. Wit: Henry Valdez, Silveria Lucero.
25 Dec 1879 WILSON, George and ELDRIDGE, Miss, both of Ft. Union. Witnesses: Mr. Hevagland , Mrs. Eldridge.
26 Dec 1879 LORD, Samuel, of Richland City, Wisc., and SPRINGER, Mary, of Allegan, Mich. Married at Ft. Union by Rev. J. A. La Touriette. Wit: Albert F. Bruno and Manuela I. Bruno, his wife.
13 May 1880 MAES, Francisco, and FERNANDEZ, Ma Petrocina married at the house of his father Felix Maes, Ocaté, Mora County, by Rev. James M. Roberts.
5 Jul 1880 LEAL, Juan Rafael, and CARDENAS, Isidra, married at the house of his father Mr. Leal, on the mesa above Ocaté Valley by J. M. Roberts.
13 Jul 1880 HERRERA, Pablo, and ESPINOSA, Benigna, both of Los Carrsalitos, by Benito Garcia, Minister de la Iglesia M.E. Wits: Pablo Garcia, Ramon Espinosa.
13 Oct 1880 MONTOYA, Manuel and ARELLARES, Juanita Cebera, both of Cimarron, by Benito Garcia, Minister de la Iglesia M.E. Wits: David Herrera, Juanita Montoya.
15 Sep 1880 PADILLA, Saul, of Circulita, and Gallegos, Josefita, of Los Alamos, by Benito Garcia, Minister de La Iglesia M.E. Wits: Alexander Paltenghe, Bern Mitchell, Marellita Sanchez de Garcia, Ben Bruhn.
29 Nov 1880 CRUS, Miguel Antonio, and SANCHES, Ma Benigna, both of Ocaté, by Benito Garcia, Minister. Wit: Don Aciano Crus, Ma Pasifica Bejil.
7 Dec 1881 NICHOLS, William A., 2nd Lt., 23rd Inf., and HALLER, Alice Mae, dau. of Granville O. Haller, Col. 23rd Inf. USA. Married at Ft. Union. Wit: James Henton Capt. 23rd Inf,. J. A. Dupray 2nd Lt. 23rd Inf.
18 Dec 1881 CHAVEZ, Jose Victorio, of Springer, Colfax County, and MEDINA, Eugenia, of Ocaté, Mora County. Married in the presence of the congregation, Presb. Ch., Ocaté, by Rev. Maxwell Phillips.
26 Dec 1881 LUJAN, David, and PACHECO, Josefa, by Juan Lujan, J.P.
15 Feb 1882 MODIE, Robert, and TRAVIS, Elizabeth Mackintosh, married at Ft. Union wit: F. G. Yager, S. A. Yager, P. C. Hogsett.
16 Apr 1882 de HERRERA, Jose Leon and ARGUELLO, Maria Dolores, both of Agua Negra. Wit: Jose Manuel Sandoval, Pablo Romero.
30 May 1882 ROHMANN, William B. and CUTTER, Mary G., married at Coyote, by L. Frampton, Deacon, MECH. Wit: Charles Bowmer, Elizabeth Bowmer (indexed as Romann, Wm B.).
25 Jun 1882 HOLLAND, Moses and LEE, Anna, married at La Junta in office of W. A. Wright, J. P.
5 Oct 1882 COLLINS, Dr. Joseph H., Acting Asst. Surg. USA, and La TOURRETTE, Genevieve, daughter of the undersigned, by Rev. La Tourrette, assisted by Rt. Rev. Geo. J. Dunlop of N.M.
5 Nov 1882 MARTINEZ, Cisto, and DURAND, Francisca, married at the home of bride's father, by Rev. Maxwell Phillips. Wit: Felipe Lopez, Andres Maes.
13 Dec 1882 CRUZ, Jose de Gs of Agua Negra, and CORDOVA, Maria de la Cruz, of El Rito de Agua Negra. By Rev. Maxwell Phillips. Wit: Tomas Cruz, Jose Emiterio Cruz.
17 Jan 1883 ROMERO, Tibuscio and ARGUELLO, Maria Lucilla, both of El Rito de Agua Negra, by Rev. Maxwell Phillips wit: Jose Arguello, Pedro Romero.
28 Feb 1883 BUCKLER, Price, and DRANE, Mary, both of Harrisburg, Mo. Married at the home of Mrs. Martha J. Tipton near Ft. Union. Wit: Mrs. Martha J. Tipton, Stephen A. March.
3 Apr 1883 QUINT, Doctor Norman P., and ALLENDORF, Attilie, both of Mora. Wit. B. M. St. Vrain, W. Vandewart.
4 Apr 1883 CARDINES, Abraham, and MAES, Dolores, both of Coyote. Wit: Andres Maes, Laura Frampton.
26 Apr 1883 HUMPHREY, Phlem, of Beaty Ranch, Colfax County, and WOLFORD, Catherine, of Wolford's Ranch, Mora County. Married at Wolford's Ranch in the presence of Wolford's family and many guests, by J. S. W. De Burke of the County of Las Animas, Colo.
27 Apr 1883 MONTOYA, Juan de Jesus, and GONZALES, Maria Antonio, both of Coyote. Wit: Juan Antonio Montoya, Juan Sustavin(?) Vijil.
23 Sep 1883 STRAUSSE, Felix, of Mora, N.M., and BACHARACH, Hannah, of Philadelphia, PA. United accordance to Rites of Mosaic Religion by Elias Eppstein, Rabbi of the Adath Jesharum Congregation of Philadelphia, PA. Wit: B. Lowenstein, Alexander Goodman.
6 Oct 1883 TRUJILLO, Juan Jose, and VELASQUES, Desideria, both of El Rito de Agua Negra, Mora County, by Rev. Maxwell Phillips. Wit: J. P. Ortega, Manuel Leyva.
26 Nov 1883 GRIEGO, Felipe, and JARAMILLO, Maria Garcia de Crus, both of Coyote, by L. Frampton, J.P. Wit: Manuel Martin, Juan Auguillir Alcon.
15 Jan 1884 CLAGGETT, John Rosier, and BLACK, Cornelia Matilda, both of Ft. Union, by Rev. La Tourette. (Indexed in marriage book as Rosier, John.)
23 Jan. 1884 TIPTON, Charles L, and THORP, Sarah, married at Watrous by Rev. La Tourette.
5 Mar 1884 SCHMIDT, John Justice and FORD, Miss Mary A., married at Wagon Mound, Mora County by Thomas Harwood, Missionary of M. E. Ch.
8 Jun 1884 MORA, Patricio de la Cruz, of the Panil, Colfax County, and MARTINES, Maria de los Reyes, of Coyote, married at Coyote by L. Frampton, J. P. Wit: Francisco Mora, Alexander Apodaca.
28 Jun 1884 LOPEZ, Felipe and MONTAÑO, Rufugio de Mares, married at Mora by Rev. Maxwell Phillips. Wit: Estifulo Montaño, Andres Lamback.
8 Jul 1884 MAES, Andres A., of Ocaté, and FRAMPTON, Laura, of Coyote. Married at Ocaté by Rev. Maxwell Phillips. Wit: L. Frampton, C. Aragon.
12 Jul 1884 ALVEY, Thos. M. and HANCOCK, Ella J. Miss, both of Watrous, by Thos. Harwood, Minister of Methodist Episcopal. Wits: John A. Alvey, Miss Cora Hern.
1 Sep 1884 LUJAN, Isbil, and LASLEY, Herecho, by Juan B. Garcia, J.P. Precinct #3.
4 Sep 1884 ROSS, Robert and SHAVER, Laura, both of San Miguel County, m. at Watrous by J.A.M. La Tourette, Presbyterian Protestant Church. Wits: Dr. P.F. Cleary of U.S. Army, Miss Marie Brabson.
29 Sep 1884 MacINTYER, John and HUBANKS, Cordelia, Mrs., both of Ocaté, m. at Ft. Union by J.A.M. La Tourette, Presby Prot. Episcopal. Wits: Charles L. And Margaret E. Fraker.
21 Dec 1884 SCHMIDT, Conrad Ferdinand of Watrous, and Grote, Marie Fannie of Council Bluff, Iowa, by Thos Harwood. m. at Loma Parda. Wits: J.J. Schmidt, Miss M. Emeline Lange.
6 Jan 1885 LEON, Antonio and BUENA, Maria Nestora of Cañoncito.
12 Jan 1885 MASCAREÑAS, Bernardo and LUCERO, Benigna, of Coyote.
15 Jan 1885 VALDEZ, Agapito, and MAESTAS, Maria Francisca, of Mora.
15 Jan 1885 RAMIREZ, Juan, and GONZALES, Josefa, of La Cueva.
26 Jan 1885 LOVATA, Jose Perfesto and DURAN, Maria Ramona, of Agua Negra.
23 Jan 1885 VIGIL, Teodoro and ROMERO, Maria Genoveva, of Cebolla.
26 Jan 1885 TRUJILLO, Juan Jose, and MONTOYA, Maria Rosalia, of San Antonio.
6 Jan 1885 ROIBAL, Teodoro and VELASQUEZ, Maria Eugenia, of Cebolla for the Father J. Guerin.
18 Jan 1885 DURAN, Francisco, and GARCIA, Querina, both of El Rito de Agua Negra, by Rev. Maxwell Phillips in El Rito Presby. Ch. Wits: Juan Andres de Luna, Maria Feliciana de Luna.
11 Feb 1885 SLOTSENBURY, J.M. and La TOURETTE, Mary Gouverneur, both of Ft. Union. He 2nd Lt. 6th Cavalry U.S. Army: She youngest dau. of Rev. La Tourette, by Rev. Jas. A.M. La Tourette of the Protestant Episcopal Church and Post Chaplain U.S. Army. Wits: Col. H.K. Nuzner, 10th Inf., Rose Brabson, Maud Dunlap.
9 Mar 1885 VALDEZ, Francisco, and QUINTANA, Maria Altagracia, of Cebolla.
13 Mar 1885 LUCERO, Pedro Antonio, and URTADO, Maria Piedad, of Agua Negra.
20 Mar 1885 BUSTOS, Jose Maria, and MARTIN, Maria Ramona, of Cebolla.
13 Apr 1885 LARGE, Joseph and BAUMER, Maria, of Coyote.
17 Apr 1885 MARTINEZ, Jose Alorno, and SANTIAGO, Paula Vigil of Cebolla.
4 May 1885 MASCAREÑAS, Santiago, and SANCHEZ, Maria, of Cebolla
9 May 1885 MASCAREÑAS, Martin, and ROMERO, Manuela, of Coyote.
23 May 1885 ROMERO, Jose Miguel, and VIGIL, Maria Catalina, of Agua Negra .
8 Jun 1885 FERNANDEZ, Felipe, and ALCON, Maria Isabel, of Coyote.
23 Jun 1885 QUINTANA, Francisco, and OLGUIN, Maria Josefa, of Chupaderos.
24 Jun 1885 ABEYTA, Juan Dionicio, and RIVERA, Maria Manuela, of Llano del Coyote.
29 Jun 1885 TRUJILLO, Marcelino, and MARTIN, Maria Marcelina, of Mora.
29 Jun 1885 MONTOYA, Juan de los Reyes, and ESPINOZA, Maria Josefa, of Ojo Feliz.
29 Jun 1885 MONTOYA, Jose Cacimero, and ESPINOZA, Maria Severina, of Ojo Feliz.
13 Jul 1885 KIRK, Milton Wm., of Evanston, Ill., and KIRKMAN, Ethel Lucy. She dau of Capt. Joel T. Kirkman, 10th Infantry, U.S. Army, Ft. Union. By Rev. J. A. M. La Tourette, Presbyter. Prot. Ep. Wits: Lt. T.K. Cranston, Nellie Askew.
20 Jul 1885 MAESTAS, Teodoro, and MITOTES, Maria Herminia, of Ojo Feliz, by Father Jos. Goursey.
2 Aug 1885 HUFFMAN, John, Sergt., Co. C, 10th Inf. U.S. Army, and ADAMS, L.M.A. Miss., both of Ft. Union, by Rev. Thos. Harwood. Wits: E.J. Harwood, Lillie Chandler.
6 Aug 1885 SANTISTEBAN, Apolonio, and SANCHEZ, Cipriana, of Mora.
6 Aug 1885 MORA, Jose Epifonio, and CRUZ, Maria Buenaventura, of Coyote.
20 Aug 1885 LUCERO, Jose Silvestre, and ATENCIO, Maria Gertrudis, of Agua Negra.
27 Aug 1885 PLUMERFELT, John D., and LABATO, Maria Antonia, by Juan Jose Rodrigues, J.P.
19 Sep 1885 CORDOVA, Pedro Antonio, and MARCIAL, Maria Diluvina, of Mora.
7 Oct 1885 VALDEZ, Jose Igancio, and DURAN, Soledad, of Agua Negra.
7 Oct 1885 MORTEN, Harvey, of Co. C, 10th INF., and DuLEY, Cecelia D., Miss. Both of Ft. Union. By Rev. Thos. Harwood. Wits: E.J. Harwood, E.F. Flores.
25 Oct 1885 AQUILOR, J. Rafael, of Wagon Mound, and MASCAREÑAS, Claifas, Miss., by Rev. Thos. Harwood. Wits: Miguel Pacheco, Francisco Paltenghe.
4 Nov 1885 VIGIL, Librado, and MONTOYA, Josefita, of San Antonio.
8 Nov 1885 MARTINEZ, Pablo, and SANTISTEVAN, Miss Antonia, of Gallinas. m. by Thos. Harwood. Wit: Ignacio and Concepcion Salazar
9 Nov 1885 SANCHEZ, Francisco and BUSTOS, Maria Josefa, of San Antonio.
16 Nov 1885 ESPINOZA, Daniel, and MARTINEZ, Bonifacia, of Coyote.
16 Nov 1885 ROMERO, Juan, and ROMERO, Bealsis, both of Mora, by Rev. Maxwell Phillips at Mora. Wits: Antonio Nolan, Leandro Romero
23 Nov 1885 MARTINEZ, Eliceo, and ROMERO, Maria Genacia, of Rito de Agua Negra.
23 Nov 1885 PADILLA, Jus. Maria, and URTADO, Maria Paulita, of Agua Negra.
11 Dec 1885 de LUNA, Nicolas and GARCIA, Margrita, both of El Rito, by Rev. Maxwell Phillips in Evangelical Chapel of El Rito de Agua Negra.
14 Dec 1885 MONTOYA, Gregorio, and SANISTEBAN, Felicitas, of San Antonio.
16 Dec 1885 VIGIL, Jose de la Luz, and ROMERO, Maria Luiga, of Rito Agua Negra.
17 Dec 1885 BEMER, Henry, and MARTINES, Benita, both of Mora (town) by Rev. Maxwell Phillips, at home of bride.
21 Dec 1885 SANDOVAL, Juan Bautista, and LUCERO, Maria Manuelita, of Agua Negra.
28 Dec 1885 FRESQUEZ, Ramon, and CASADO, Maria Juliana, of Cebolla.
6 Jan 1886 SANDOBAL, Jose Carmen, and MARTINES, Josefa, both of Agua Negra, by Rev. Maxwell Phillips.
7 Jan 1886 MARTINEZ, Manuel, and VIGIL, Maria Manuelita, of Cebolla
7 Jan 1886 MONTOYA, Pedro Antonio, and MOYA, Rosano, of Coyote.
8 Jan 1886 ROMERO, Benito, and ROMERO, Libradita, of Agua Negra.
8 Jan 1886 VELASQUEZ, Sabino, and ROMERO, Maria Isidra, of Agua Negra.
11 Jan 1886 BUSTOS, Jose Nicomedes, and URTADO, Maria del Rosano, of San Antonio.
13 Jan 1886 SANCHEZ, Juan Bautista, and GONZALES, Maria de los Rojos, of Cebolla.
18 Jan 1886 LONGNEVAN, Zeab and MONDRAGON, Maria Benita of Mora.
23 Jan 1886 CORDOVA, Jose Leandro, and RIBERA, Maria Soledad of Cebolla.
1 Feb 1886 MONTOYA, Rafael, and ESPINOZA, Romitas, of Coyote.
8 Feb 1886 LUJAN, Lotano, and MARTINEZ, Juanita, of Mora.
19 Feb 1886 WILLIAMSON, _____, and PEARCE, Emma, both of Santa Clara in Precinct # 12, by Anastacio Gonsales, J.P. Wits: Lottie Carey and Carnelia Carey.
_ Mar 1886 FLORES, Epifanio, of Gallina, and BURDICK, O. Jennie, of Tiptonville, by Benito Garcia, Minister of Iglesia M.E. Church. Wit: J. Medina and Isabel F. de Medina
6 Mar 1886 VIGIL, Fernando, and HERRA, Mona, of Socorro del Agua Negra.
Apr-Jun 1886 ESPINOZA, Epifanio, and VELASQUEZ, Maria Perpetua, of Vallecitos de San Antonio.
12 Apr 1886 GURULE, Emiteno, and ROMERO, Maria Rosano, of Mora.
16 Apr 1886 FRESQUEZ, Jose Simon, and TRUJILLO, Maria Apolonia, by Rev. Maxwell Phillips, at Mora. Wit: W.N. Halsey and Dolores Trujillo.
16 May 1886 AQUILOR, Pablo, of Ocaté, and PADILLA, Suzana, of Wagon Mound, by Benito Garcia. Witnesses: A. Pattinghe and Señora Francisca de Pattinghe.
1 Jun 1886 SANDOVAL, Epifanio, and TAFOYA, Paulita, of Agua Negra.
18 Jun 1886 VIGIL, Doroteo, and TRUJILLO, Dolores Maria, m. by Maxwell Phillips, Minister of Presbyt. Church. Wit: Dolores Trujillo, father of bride: Florencio Vigil, father of the groom.
30 Jun 1886 SANDOVAL, Etanislado and FLORES, Emilia, both of Gallina, m. by Benito Garcia. Wit: Francisco Salazar and Catana V. de Salazar.
2 Jul 1886 MONTEZ, Isidro, and MARTINEZ, Rosano, of Cebolla.
12 Jul 1886 MASCAREÑAS, Macenio, and VIGIL, Leonor, of San Antonio.
14 Jul 1886 MARTIN, Jose Maria, and TOMES, Ramona, by Rev. Maxwell Phillips, at his home in Mora. Wit: Rodrego Pacheco and Mrs. F. Phillips.
19 Jul 1886 MUNIZ, Juan Antonio, and DURAN, Doloritas, of Mora
26 Jul 1886 MARTINEZ, Jose Ignacio, and TRUJILLO, Maria Beatriz, of Mora.
30 Aug 1886 ROMERO, Jose Fernando, and MAES, Salome, of Chupaderos.
6 Sep 1886 CORDOVA, Albino, and MAESTAS, Maria Eduvigen, of Mora.
10 Oct 1886 ORTEGA, Ermenejildo, and CORDOVA, Manuelita, of Santiago de Cebolla.
18 Oct 1886 TRUJILLO, Jose Hilano, and ORTEGA, Maria Ignacia, of Santiago de Cebolla.
21 Oct 1886 SEGUNO, Felipe, and LUCERO, Julianita, of Mora.
23 Oct 1886 CASADOS, Juan De Dios, and DOMINGUES, Francisca. Witnesses: Francisco Belarde and Luis Garcia.
25 Oct 1886 GONZALES, Jual de Dios, and GARCIA, Maria Francisca de San Francisco, of Cebolla.
19 Dec 1886 GARCIA, Jose Ignacio, of El Rito, and LOBATO, Gertrudis, of Chamizal of Taos County., m. by Rev. Maxwell Phillips, Presbyt. Ch., El Rito.
25 Oct 1886 ARILLANO, Rafael, and MASCONNAS, Candelona of San Antonio.
1 Nov 1886 SANDOVAL, Jose Eusebio, and MAESTAS, Maria Ramona of El Carmen, of Mora.
15 Nov 1886 ESQUIBEL, Lorenzo, and GUTIERREZ, Luciana, of Buena Vista.
16 Nov 1886 DURAN, Marcelo (known as VIGIL, Marcelo), and MARTINEZ, Maria Carmel, of Carmen of Cebolla.
16 Nov 1886 ALCON, Guadalupe, of Ojo Feliz, and SANCHEZ, Leonor, of Agua Negra.
17 Nov 1886 SANCHEZ, Anastacio, of La Cueva, and MASCARENAS, Maria Beatriz, of the Llano del Coyote.
24 Nov 1886 MAESTAS, Jose and MEDINA, Maria Eugenia, of Agua Negra.
24 Nov 1886 CASHMORE, George and URTADO, Maria Antonia, of Mora.
29 Nov 1886 PINO, Angel and SALAS, Isubeo, of Buena Vista of Mora.
29 Nov 1886 MARTINES, Leandro, of Mora, and TORRES, Cresencia, of San Francisco of Cebolla.
4 Dec 1886 BALDONADO, Jus. Maria, and PACHECO, Esther, of Guadalupita of Mora.
18 Dec 1886 MARTINEZ, Juan Francisco, and TRUJILLO, Carolina, of Coyote.
18 Dec 1886 ROMERO, Ricardo, of Agua Negra, and ROMERO, Libradita, of Rito de Agua Negra.
26 Dec 1886 GARCIA y SANDOVAL, Jose Manuel, and JARAMILLO, Isabel. Wit: Juan Martinez and Juan Sandoval.
29 Dec 1886 BACA, Julian, and LOPEZ, Bennia, of Guadalupita of Mora
7 Jan 1887 MARTINEZ, Leonardo, and MONTOYA, Maria De los Angeles, of Coyote.
7 Jan 1887 MARTINES, Jose Macedonio, of Mora, and FRESQUES, Perfilia, of San Jose de la Cebolla. Witnesses: Pedro A. Sanchez and Maria Ignacio Romero.
7 Jan 1887 SANDOVAL, Santiago, and VIGIL, Maria Dolores, of Cebolla.
10 Jan 1887 PINO, Marcelino, and TRUJILLO, Librada, of Mora.
10 Jan 1887 ROMO, Juan Jose, and VALDEZ, Jesusita, of Mora.
24 Jan 1887 VALDEZ, Eusebio, and MONCAYO, Isabelita, of Mora.
24 Jan 1887 ARMIJO, Jeronimo, and GARCIA, Maria Florencia, of Cebolla.
31 Jan 1887 ARGUELLO, Jose Ramon, and GALLEGOS, Maria Nicolasa, of Cebolla
31 Jan 1887 CORDOBA, Jose Feliz, and VIGIL, Placida, of Rito.
6 Feb 1887 MIERA, Pedro and PINEDA, Sara Witnesses: Roque Sanchez and Luis F. Garcia.
7 Feb 1887 LUCERO, Juan De Dios, and MAESTAS, Catarina, of Cebolla.
__ Feb 1887 DURAN, Perfecto, and MONTOYA, Genoveva, of Coyote.
10 Feb 1887 de HERRERA, Jose de Garcia, and PACHECO, Maria Virginia, of Rito.
7 Mar 1887 JOHNSON, James T., and WATROUS, Maria Antonia, of Cherry Valley. Swore before Henry H. Green, Notary Public, on 7 Mar 1887 that they had been married 8 Dec 1857 according to rites of Presbyterian Church by Rev. Chaplain Stodard of the U.S. Army. Wit: H.H. Green and Mary Kahn.
9 Mar 1887 VIGIL Jose de Jus., and ORTEGA, Maria Ignacia, of Guadalupita.
5 Apr 1887 ORTEGA, Jose Rafael, and SANDOVAL, Guadalupe, of Cebolla.
27 Apr 1887 TRUGIO, Damacio, and GALLEGOS, Biviona, m. by Rev. James Fraser at El Rito.
4 May 1887 VIGIL, Francisco, and GARCIA, Rebecca, of Cebolla.
22 May 1887 MANZANARES, Filomena, and ROMERO, Narcisco, of La Cueva.
17 Jun 1887 HOLBRUK, William T., and WILSON, Maria A., both of la Cañada de Tatavique by Julian Trujillo, J.P. of Prec. #14. Witnesses: Feliz Martinez, Juan Valdez. Recorded 20 Mar 1890.
21 Jun 1887 PERKINS, John, and STEAVENSON, Edith E., of Las Vegas, by M.H. Murphy, Baptist Minister. Wit: Mrs. Ellenor Steavenson and Mrs. C.L. Cross.
29 Jun 1887 MONTAÑO, Ramon, and GREGONIA, Maria Antonia, of Guadalupita.
29 Jun 1887 HERRERA, Miguel, and SALAZAR, Maria de la Luz, of Guadalupita.
29 Jun 1887 VALDEZ, Jesus Maria, and BUENO, Maria Manuela, of Agua Negra.
18 Jul 1887 SANDOVAL, Candelario and ROMERO, Maria Patrocinia. Wit: Cristoval Cordova and Grabiel De Herrera, at Mora.
18 Jul 1887 NOEIGLIN, William and KORTE, Anny. Witnesses: Juan Antonio and Maria Espinosa, at Mora.
31 Jul 1887 VIGIL, Apolonio and ESQUIBEL, Foribia. Witnesses: Andres A. Miera, Simona Vigil.
6 Aug 1887 BRANCH, Adolfo and GUTIEREZ, Indolecia. Witnesses: B. Garcia and F. Gutierez at Mora
8 Aug 1887 ARGUELLO, Antonio Dionicio and FRESQUES, Maria Albina of Cebolla. Witnesses: Manuel Antonio and Rafael Casado, at Mora.
8 Aug 1887 ROMERO, Eugenio and MALDONADO, Lucia of Guadalupita. Wit: Romulo Ribera and Cisto Martinez at Mora.
12 Aug 1887 LEACH, Leonard W., and WOOD, Minnie A,. of Wagon Mound, by Benito Garcia, Minister of Presbitero de la Iglesia M.E.
25 Aug 1887 ROMERO, Tomas de Iguino, and CHACON, Maria Virginia, of El Rito. Witnesses: Juan Jose Vigil and Jose de Gracia Romero.
25 Aug 1887 GARCIA, Jose Luz and GURULE, Carolina. Witnesses: Francisco Miera, Luis F.Garcia.
25 Aug 1887 DOMINGUES, Jose del Carmen and RENNE, Maria Esquipula of San Antonio. Witnesses: Blas Roibal and Rafael Ortiz, at Mora.
26 Aug 1887 LEIVA, Jose de J. and BORREGO, Maria Madeline of El Rito. Wit: B. Borrego and E. Borrego at Mora.
3 Sep 1887 LOVATO, Floribio and HERRERA, Teodora. Witnesses: Telesforo Casados, Roque Sanchez.
3 Sep 1887 SENA, Floribio and ARCHULETA, Maria Luz. Witnesses: Esteban Archuleta, Guadalupe Lobato.
3 Sep 1887 VIGIL, Ignacio, and TRUJILLO, Marcelina, of Mora. Witnesses: Blas Ruibal and Catarino Romo, at Mora.
3 Sep 1887 HERNANDEZ, Antonio and ARCHULETA, Francisca. Witnesses: Estevan Archuleta and Guadelupe Lobato.
5 Sep 1887 GONZALES, Victo, and PACHECO, Juanita, of Mora. itnesses: Tomas Romero and Juan C. Quintana, at Mora.
7 Sep 1887 WARREN, Alfred H., and CORNALL, Miss Abbie, at Watrous, by Geo. K. Dunlap, Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Wit: Edward W. Warren and Martha J. Head.
18 Sep 1887 GALLEGOS, Epimenio and PADILLA, Maria S. Witnesses: Pablo Padilla and Apolonio Salazar.
3 Oct 1887 CORDOVA, Jose Pedro, and GALLEGOS, Maria Tomasa of La Cebolla. Witnesses: Pedro H. Sanchez and Juan Lorenzo Trujillo, at Mora.
19 Oct 1887 ROMERO, Venerito, and LOPEZ, Ramoncita, of La Cebolla. Witnesses: Francisco Romero and Jose H. Trujillo at Mora.
22 Oct 1887 ORTEGA, Juan Bta., and MARTINEZ, Casimisa of El Rito. Witnesses: Francisco Lujan and Eliseo Borrego at Mora.
31 Oct 1887 MARTINEZ, Jose Luciano, and VIGIL, Maria Labradita of Agua Negra. Witnesses: Blas Gallegos and Francis Jaramillo.
7 Nov 1887 MANZANARES, Jose ___, and ABEYTA, Domciana, of La Cueva. Wit: Manuel Garcia and Jose Abeyta, at Mora.
9 Nov 1887 MAESTAS, Jose Domingo, and ARGUELLO, Maria Dorles, m. by Rev. James Fraser at El Rito.
14 Nov 1887 TRUJILLO, Juan de la Cruz, and MARTINEZ, Maria Cleofas, of San Antonio. Witnesses: Modesto Martinez and Luciano Aragon, at Mora.
14 Nov 1887 MORA, Antonio and OLGUIN, Maria Rosario, of Mora. Witnesses: Gabriel de Herrera and Trinidad Valdez, at Mora.
20 Nov 1887 GARCIA, Hipolito and GONZALES, Juana. Witnesses: Epimenio Montoya and Luis F. Garcia.
25 Nov 1887 MONTOYA, Antonio and RIVERA, Deludina, of Coyote. Witnesses: Juan B. Romero and Manuel Garcia, at Mora.
3 Dec 1887 AVILA, Manuel and CORDOVA, Libradita of la Cebolla. Witnesses: Porfino Garcia and Juliana Mares of Mora.
11 Dec 1887 OLIVAS, Julian and URTADO, Maria Eugenia, of Agua Negra. Witnesses: Antonio and Manuel Garcia, at Mora.
7 Dec 1887 ROMERO, Cesario and MARTINEZ, Felicita of El Rito. Witnesses: Aniseto Garduño and Antonio Medina at Mora
7 Jan 1888 VELASQUEZ, Manuel and TRUJILLO, Martina,both of los Vallecitos of San Antonio. Witnesses: Miguel Trujillo and Juana Maria Lopez.
9 Jan 1888 LEIVA, Jose Dolores, and TRUJILLO, Ramona, both of El Rito de Agua Negra. Witnesses: Jesus Medina and Maria Antonia Martinez.
9 Jan 1888 BASQUEZ, Felipe, and ROMERO, Paulita, both of Coyote. Witnesses: Romulo Rivera and Francisca Lucero.
9 Jan 1888 GARCIA, Manuel, and SISNERO, Francisquita, of Buena Vista. Witnesses: Agapito Abeyta and Cornelia Valdez.
16 Jan 1888 CARDENAS, Juan Pedro, and BORREGO, Maria Tereza de Jesus, both of Guadalupita. Witnesses: Jesus Sisneros and Lina Rodrigues.
16 Jan 1888 SISNEROS, Roman, of Mora, and MAESTAS, Filicita. Witnesses: Donaciano Medina and Encarnacion Maes.
16 Jan 1888 MASCAREÑAS, Melquiades, and ROMERO, Victoria, both of El Llano del Coyote. Witnesses: Catarino and Maria Maestas.
23 Jan 1888 CRANDALL, Jacob and CASHMORE, Filomena, both of Mora. Witnesses: Pedro Margil Perea and Escolastica Cashmore.
23 Jan 1888 GUILLEN, Vicente and ARCHULETA, Paulita, both of Coyote. Witnesses: Teodore Vigil and Maria Hilaria Montoya
28 Jan 1888 BUENO, Reducindo, of Ocaté, and PACHECO, Maria Josefita, of Mora. Witnesses: Fermin Pacheco and Magdalena Cordova.
30 Jan 1888 ARGUELLO, Paulito and ROMERO, Juanita, both of Santiago de la Cebolla. Witnesses: Feliz Pacheco and Juanita Pino.
30 Jan 1888 PACHECO, Eliseo and PACHECO, Modesta, both of Santiago de la Cebolla. Witnesses: Matias Maestas and Concision Cordova
30 Jan 1888 ROIBAL, Amador, of Carmen de la Cebolla, and MANZANARES, Maria Perfecta, of San Jose de la Cebolla. Witnesses: Agustin and Ann Maria Vigil.
2 Feb 1888 VALDEZ, Pedro, of Ocaté, and VIGIL, Maria Eliza, of Guadalupita. Witnesses: Juan Navarro, Margarita Gallegos.
7 Feb 1888 MARTINEZ, Jas. of Cimarron, and LOVATO, Maria Virginia of Agua Negra. Witnesses: Antonio Martinez, Agapita Urtado.
13 Feb 1888 ARGUELLO, Nepomuceno, of El Rito de Agua Negra, and GARCIA, Maria G. Witnesses: Teo. Martinez, Tonita Lujan.
13 Feb 1888 MONTOYA, Manuel, and ARGUELLO, Maria Socorro, of Buena Vista. Witnesses: Irenio __Mares, Paulita Lucero.
13 Feb 1888 SALAZAR, Juan B., and BERNAL, Maria Vicenta, both of Mora. Wit: Vidal Jaramillo, Esclastica Apodaca.
14 Feb 1888 ROMERO, Luis, of Mora, and VALDEZ, Juana, of Santiago de la Cebolla. Witnesses: Agapito Abeyta, Cornelia Valdez.
25 Feb 1888 MARTINEZ, Luciano, and URTADO, Antonia, both of Agua Negra. Witnesses: Francisco Martinez, Maria C. Lobata.
13 Mar 1888 RODRIGUEZ, Sabino, and De HERRERA, Ramona, both of el Carmen de La Cebolla. Witnesses: Jose Hipolito Lujan, Maria Secundina Balizan.
9 Apr 1888 MARTINEZ, Victor, and VIGIL, Maria Clarita, both of San Antonio. Witnesses: Juan Lujan, Ramoncita Medina.
9 Apr 1888 LUCERO, Benino, and CRUZ, Maria Soledad, both of Buena Vista de la Cueva. Witnesses: Luis Montoya, Eugenia Maestas.
25 Apr 1888 De HERRERA, Antonio, of San Antonio, and VELASQUEZ, Maria Luisa, of los Vallecitos. Witn: Marcelin Martinez, Teodorita Mares.
9 May 1888 KELLY, William H., of Las Vegas, and St. VRAIN, Mary Julia, of Mora. Witnesses: Maria Otero Kelly, ____ St Vrain.
28 May 1888 SALAZAR, David, of Taos, and VAUR, Matilde, of Mora. Witnesses: Mate_ Lujan, Ambrosita Vaur.
3 Jun 1888 SALAZAR, Urban, and MARTINEZ, Olaviana, m. by Rev. James Fraser, Presbyterian Minister at Agua Negra.
4 Jun 1888 HOADLEY, Mils, and MALM, Miss Anna M., both of Fort Union, m. by Bernardo Salazar J.P. Prec. 11. Witnesses: James Beaty and Mary Horan.
13 Jun 1888 DANIEL, Junnis H., of Austin, TX, and LONGEVAN, Martha, of Mora. Witnesses: Paul and Nelly St. Vrain.
30Jun 1888 ORTEGA, Nicolas Antonio de Jesus, and PACHECO, Juana Maria both of Mora. Witnesses: Juan Jose Gallegos, Juanita Trujillo.
12 Jul 1888 ROY, William Charlie, and St.VRAIN, Nelly Vicenta, both of Mora. Wit: Paul and Maud J. St. Vrain.
1 Aug 1888 RADIGAN, Micheal Joseph, and MORRISON, Belle, both of Fort Union, by J.A.M. LaTourrette of Presbyter. Prot. Ep. Ch. Witnesses: John Texton and Clara Texton, his wife.
5 Aug 1888 BURGE, Abran, of Golondrinas, and MASCAREÑAS, Irinea, of el llano del Coyote. Witnesses: Faustino Garcia, Placida Romero.
22 Aug 1888 SALAZAR, Nestor and MARTINEZ, Ruperta, both of Agua Negra. Wit: Felipe Lovato, Alta Gracia Mascareñas.
25 Aug 1888 LUCERO, Gregorio, and SALAZAR, Maria Albina, both of Agua Negra. Witnesses: Jus. Romero, Maria Altagracias Maes.
19 Sep 1888 LANDRAM, Robert W., and BOWMER, Annie W., both of Coyote. Wit: Edward and Elizabeth W. Bowmer.
1 Oct 1888 VIGIL, Vidal, and PAIS, Paula, both of Agua Negra. Witnesses: Jus. Maria Valdez, Maria Manuela Bueno.
1 Oct 1888 ARCHULETA, Jose Victo and TRUJILLO, Maria Emlia, both of San Antonio. Witnesses: Luis Medina, Maria Refugio Romero.
8 Oct 1888 MAESTAS, Jose Cirilo, and MEDINA, Maria Crecencia, both of Agua Negra. Witnesses: Silverio Mondragon and Maria V. Medina.
8 Oct 1888 ARELLANO, Melicendos, and DURAN, Ignacia, both of Mora. Witnesses: Guadalupe Salazar, Agapita Solano.
27 Oct 1888 MARTINEZ, Jose Fernandes, and VALDEZ, Macedonia, both of San Jose de La Cebolla. Witnesses: Manuel Gallego, Manuelita Valdez.
29 Oct 1888 MEDINA, Vidal, and LEAL, Feliciana, both of Coyote. Witnesses: Abrun Lopez, Maria Perfilia Medina.
29 Oct 1888 ORNELAS, Jeronimo, of Ojo Feliz, and SANISTEVAN, Maria Leanor, of Coyote. Witnesses: Guadalupe Alcon, Leonor Sanchez.
28 Nov 1888 TRASSTER, Daniel Clinton, and STEELE, Sarah Jane, m. by Andrew Knell, J.P. of Precinct 17.
10 Dec 1888 GALLEGOS, Rafael, and METZGER, Isabel, m. by Rev. James Fraser at Buena Vista.
17 Dec 1888 CROCKER, Frank Onley, and HOWE, Hattie, both of Wagon Mound. Wit.: H.H. Chandler and A.L. Calvin, m. by B.F. Hooper (Harper?) Pastor M.E. Church.
24 Jun 1889 LANGE, Otto, and WATROUS, Rosa C., m. by F.S. Brush, Pastor of Presby. Church at Las Vegas.
27 Jul 1889 SALAZAR, Alejandro and GALLEGOS, Ysaria, both of Wagon Mound, by Rev. Juan Sandoval of Colmor, Colfax County, N. Mex. Witnesses: Juan and Ramon Martin.
11 Aug 1889 EWALD, Albert, and SHOTT, Jeannette, by Rev. J.A.M. LaTourette. Witnesses: Mrs. Annie M. LaTourette, Lt. F. Wooley, U.S.A.
18 Aug 1889 CARDENAS, Gervacio, of Ocaté, and GARCIA, Mrs. Petra (another place calls her Mrs. Petra Garcia Thomas), of Tiptonville, by E. Monroe Jerold, Presbyterian Minister. Witnesses: Leonides and Beatris Sanchez.
12 Oct 1889 PADILLA, Alcario, and MONDRAGON, Catalina, both of Wagon Mound, at home of Refugia Mondragon of Mora. Witnesses: Fernando Noland of Wagon Mound, Donaciano Maranjo of Ocaté. By Wm. A. Wright, J.P.
10 Oct 1889 KROENIG, Alfred Augustus, and WALTER, Martha Mary, both of Watrous, by J.A.M. Tourette, Protestant Episcopal Church. Witnesses: Lottie and Caroline Kroenig.
3 Nov 1889 ESQUIBEL, Albino, and ORTEGA, Francisca, at El Rito, by Rev. James Fraser.
1 Dec 1889 SANTISTEVAN, Don Pedro Y., and FRAKER, Miss Maggie E., Socorro, N. Mex. 10 Feb 1890: To certify that on 1 Dec 1889 at Wagon Mound I united above couple. Wit J.J. Schmidt and wife, Mollie Schmidt., by Thomas Harwood, M.E. Church.
7 Apr 1890 MARTINEZ, Manuel, and SALAZAR, Juanita, by A.A. Hyde, Pastor of M.E. Church, Tiptonville. Witnesses: Benito Valdez, Maria de la luz Tafoya.
24 Apr 1890 VIGIL, Manuel de Jesus, and MARTINEZ, Maria Rumalda, by Matias Maestas, J.P. of Prec. #19. Witnesses: Sabina Espinoza, Visente Martinez.
8 Jun 1890 LEYBA, Jose Maria, and Dias, Maria Louisa, by A.A. Hyde, Pastor of M.E. Church, Tiptonville. Witnesses: Antonio and Rosita Chavez Velasquez.
19 Jun 1890 TRUJILLO, Ramon, and GALLEGOS, Antonia, by A.A. Hyde, Pastor M.E. Church, Tiptonville. Witnesses: Ramon and Adela Alderete.
29 Jun 1890 MULLEN, H. P., and TRUJILLO, Maxima, by A.A. Hyde, Pastor M.E. Church, Tiptonville. Witnesses: Isidoro and Juana Valdez.
13 Aug 1890 SANCHEZ, Antonio, and VALDEZ, Maria Leonor, m. en la Plaza del Armenta, Rio Colorado, by Damacio Garcia, J.P. of Prec. #14. Witnesses: Juan and Leonor Trujillo of Rio Colorado.
16 Sep 1890 GALLEGOS, Pablo, and ARELLANO, Eugenia, by Francisco Romero, J.P. Prec. #15 at Llano del Coyote. Witnesses: John E. Roper, Miguel Martinez.
11 Oct 1890 SENA, Martin, and SALAZAR, Juliana, by Juan Jose Gallegos, J.P. Witnesses: Romualdo Roival, Anastacio Gonzales.
11 Oct 1890 GARCIA, Encarnacion, and TRUJILLO, Marcelina, by Juan Jose Gallegos, J.P.
20 Oct 1890 CROWLEY, Maurice John and REMUZON, Cesarie, both of San Miguel County, by Juan Jose Gallegos, J.P., at town of Mora. Witnesses: Fernando Nolan, Apolonio Garcia.
28 Oct 1889 MARTINEZ, Jose Encarnacion, and MADRIL, Maria Andrea, by Antonio Maria Maestas, J.P. of Prec. #2. Witnesses: Juan B. Cordova, Juan P. Romero.
9 Nov 1890 MARTINEZ, Juan Antonio, CRUZ, Jose E., and others, at El Rito. [No further information extracted.]
12 Nov 1890 MONDRAGON, Antonio and URTADO, Matiana, at Buena Vista. Witnesses: Pedro Sanchez, Leonora de Sanchez, others.
5 Dec 1890 HUNTER, Charles, and ELLIOT, Miss Jennie, both of Fort Union, by A.A. Hyde, Pastor M.E. Church, Tiptonville. Witnesses: Lula Bates Hyde, Laurette Marsh Hyde.
21 Dec 1890 WILSON y LOPEZ, Banjano, and VARGAS, Juanita. Witnesses: L. Vargas, R.W. Hall and others, at Cañon Bonito.
23 Dec 1890 GALLEGOS, Francisco, and BUENO, Gertrudis, both of Agua Negra, by Manuel Arellano, J.P. Witnesses: Maria Natividad Paiz, Jose Manuel Olivas.