MORA COUNTY - New Mexico

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Cemetery Names and Locations
in Mora County

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Agua Negra Cemetery 360207N 1052315W Holman
Bethel Cemetery 355324N 1051955W Mora
Calhoun Cemetery 360910N 1045449W Mora Ranch
Casias Cemetery 360235N 1050450W Ojo Feliz
Chacon Cemetery 360839N 1052202W Chacon
Cherry Valley Cemetery 354829N 1045137W Cherry Valley Lake
El Rito Cemetery 360842N 1052149W Chacon
Fort Union Cemetery 355439N 1050222W Fort Union
Golondrinas Cemetery 355254N 1051110W Rainsville
Halls Peak Cemetery 361356N 1050432W Ocate
Hillside Cemetery 360024N 1044143W Wagon Mound
Holman Cemetery 360218N 1052259W Holman
Holman Presbyterian Cemetery 360218N 1052259W Holman
Immaculate Heart of Mary Cemetery 360212N 1052229W Comanche Peak
Jager Cemetery 355312N 1051030W Rainsville
Kroenig Cemetery 354551N 1050117W Loma Parda
La Cueva Cemetery 355630N 1051455W Rainsville
La Morada Cemetery 360133N 1051354W Lucero
La Sierra Cemetery 360311N 1052536W Holman
Laumbachs Cemetery 355355N 1051510W Mora
Lovato Cemetery 360539N 1052232W Holman
Montoya Cemetery 360324N 1051329W Lucero
Mora Presbyterian Church Cemetery 355827N 1051946W Mora
Mountain View Cemetery 360606N 1044009W Wagon Mound
Ocate Catholic Cemetery 361032N 1050251W Ocate
Old Sapello Cemetery 354640N 1051443W Lake Isabel
Paises Cemetery 360526N 1042911W Canon Colorado
Presbyterian Cemetery 355746N 1052001W Mora
Quintana Cemetery 355607N 1052148W Mora
Saint Gertrude Cemetery 355750N 1051955W Mora
Saint Joseph Cemetery 355502N 1052139W Mora
Saint Vrain Cemetery 355757N 1052006W Mora
San Antonio Cemetery 355956N 1052128W Mora
San Antonio Cemetery 360810N 1052204W Chacon
San Yasdiro Cemetery 360322N 1050710W Ojo Feliz
Santa Clara Cemetery 360024N 1044148W Wagon Mound
Santa Gertrudes Cemetery 355827N 1051946W Mora
Strong Cemetery 361048N 1050115W Ocate
Tiptonville Cemetery 354852N 1045914W Watrous
Watrous Cemetery 354815N 1050027W Loma

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